Digital Identity Document Vaults and Integrated KYC Solutions

The safest way to store KYC identification documents, linked to a full suite of digital client onboarding solutions



Verify your customer data and documents with high-assurance KYC, while reducing the cost and maintenance burden of integrating multiple digital ID verification providers.

Goldilock has done the hard part for you. We’ve vetted the global market and integrated dozens of leading KYC, AML, and Address Verification Solutions.

Let us know your needs, and we will match you with the best solutions – all wrapped into a single API integration to reduce your workload and simplify your backend. We can even provide the user interface!

Goldilock Identity Vaults

  • Secure your KYC documentation with Remote Automated Airgap Identity Vaults: eliminate data breaches, reduce risk, and achieve GDPR and CCPA compliance

  • Leverage secure, offline storage of sensitive KYC documents in physically-disconnected environments, fully-indexed and instantly accessible by your authorized administrators

  • Integrate directly into your existing digital client onboarding tools, or access via our full-service digital identity solutions

  • Implementation at our secure remote facilities, in your data centers, or on your premises.

Simple, fast & hassle-free

Digital Onboarding

Why re-invent the wheel when you don’t have to?  With Goldilock Identity, there’s no need to build or design from scratch.

Get a turnkey, ready-to-configure onboarding flow that you can customize, test and deploy immediately.  Built-in best-in-class providers support even the most demanding and complex compliance requirements.

Goldilock Identity Key Premises


Identity check gives you the ability to painlessly integrate all your digital client onboarding processes, using your chosen suppliers, all through a single API.


Sensitive personal information is isolated offline, secured from electronic and physical contact and related human error, and fully backed-up.


Identity documents  are fully-indexed and quickly accessible by your team when needed via secure non-IP toggle channel.

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